Solarcheck PPF Hydro

The best shield for your car

Clearshield Pro is the revolutionary system to protect the car’s paint without changing the original appearance. Now we boosted Clearshield Pro performance with the latest paint protection innovation, Clearshield Pro with industry leading StainX technology which gives the product water-repellant properties, protecting your vehicle from unsightly stains. Its hydrophobic, crosslinked design immediately beads up and repels water, mud and grime.
Advanced polymer technology provides self-healing properties, helping minor scratches disappear.
Customers can enjoy a clean and glossy look and spend less time washing the car.

Highly formable material.
Wrap edges, bumpers and mirrors with ease, while reducing seams and relief cuts.

Blue contrast liner.
Save time, money and wasted material with graater visibility of cut lines.

Available in 152 cm. width.

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