Solar Protection Films

They avoid an excess of heat and glare

Glass in modern architecture
The increased use of glass in modern architecture has managed to fill buildings with natural light, but with that is also an excess of heat, glare or the inevitable discolouration of furniture and materials that even the strongest technical glass cannot fully counteract.
Easy to apply
The Solarcheck® solar and safety protection adhesives are applied EASILY onto all types of glass.
Heat reduction
Once they are put in place by our professionals, they provide excellent solar protection, as they reduce the entrance of heat and repel up to 86% of the solar energy. They efficiently reduce the hot points near to the windows, providing pleasant comfort and creating a significant saving on air-conditioning costs.

5% - 95%

Transmitted Visible Light

Up to 86%

Solar Energy Rejected


UV Rays Rejected
The versions applied externally on coloured or tinted glass which are highly absorbent drastically reduce the aforementioned absorption of energy, transforming the glass + film combination into a highly efficient new product.

They give a clear vision to the outside without any distortion; it is the best product in terms of energy saving applied to glass.

In summer, you will be able to save a lot of energy in terms of air-conditioning and reducing operational costs, whilst in winter you will also be able to reduce the loss of heat to the outside with low-emissions products.

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