Anagrama Solarcheck

Solar Control Films

Solarcheck has the widest range of products on the market for solar protection, safety, energy efficiency and saving.

Using our polyester films, it is possible to reflect the infra-red rays outside before they are fully absorbed and transform into heat, and so considerably improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

The Solarcheck solar protection and safety films repel up to 95% of the solar energy that causes heat, and so they hugely lower the entrance of heat coming in through the glass.  Thanks to the metals used in their composition, we obtain a product with the highest quality appearance and unbeatable performance.

The Solarcheck safety films provide the glass with exceptional quality laminated polyester against impacts: flexibility, elasticity and resistance.

All our products are produced in high optical quality polyester (optical grade); the result if a highly sharp and crystal-like product.


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