Anagrama Solarcheck

NIR 80

Nanotechnology Protection
Product Description
Performance – produced with advanced nanotechnology, it offers an unbeatable combination between high heat rejection and transmitted visible light

Duration – long-lasting, permanent colour

It rejects IR rays – it repels up to 90% of infra-red rays

Zero interferences – it does not disturb GPS or radio transmission signals.

It blocks UV rays – it repels 99% of UV rays which contribute to discolouration on the interior and can be damaging for the well-being of eyes and skin.

Tone – available in five colour shades (% transmitted visible light).

Guarantee – life-long

Technical Features

NIR 80
% Visible Light
TR (%) Transmittance 81
Re (%) Reflectance Exterior 8
Ri (%) Reflectance Interior 8
GR (%)
Glare Reduction


% Solar Energy
TSER (%)
Total Solar Energy Rejected
IR (%)
IR Rejection (780nm – 2500nm)
UV (%)
UV Light Bloqued (300nm – 700nm)
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