Accident Prevention

They prevent damage due to glass fragmentation.

Glass breakages anywhere are always a risk. Flying fragments can cause serious damage to people and objects that are in the surrounding area.

The combination of a Solarcheck safety film with the existing glass creates a new product which brings together the best qualities of the glass with the exceptional qualities of the laminated polyester against impacts. The polyester’s flexibility, elasticity and resistance provide the glass with a resistance to impact which is completely different from that of the glass in itself, which is extremely hard, but fragile on impact.

Once it is put into place, it is unnoticeable. The safety films prevent damage from happening to people from glass fragmentations if the glass is accidentally or intentionally broken. They reduce the threat posed by broken glass to a minimum and reduce the need to replace them by not leaving any areas open to bad weather or vandalism.

Government buildings, embassies, police stations and vehicles, hotels, banks, museums, schools, industrial warehouses, businesses and houses around the world are protected with the Solarcheck safety sheets to prevent accidents.

Some types of glass have very high safety features, but all of them are vulnerable, without exception. They can get broken by any given impact.

The Solarcheck safety films, manufactured in optimum optical quality polyester, have been tested and approved by the main certifying bodies, passing the hardest human impact, hurricane simulation, storms and expansive wave tests.


High optical quality polyester


PS safety adhesive


They repel more than 99% of UV rays


Easy to clean and maintain


100 to 350 microns thick


GSA criteria approved

(North American Public Administration)


Regulations EN12600 2(B)2, 1(B)1 and EN356


Fireproof once installed (M1)

Anti-graffiti Films

Protect your glass from acts of vandalism and erosion.

Professionally installing Graffitigard protection films on flat surfaces makes for a highly resistant, invisible barrier to impacts and abrasions.

This film, which is one of its kind, was designed to protect glass, plastic surfaces, metal and other non-porous materials from constant wear and erosion, graffiti and other acts of vandalism. The special adhesive on the Graffitigard films leaves no residue and guarantees that the product can be taken off and replaced when there is damage made.

Professional products to prevent damage caused by wear and acts of vandalism

The methods, products or tools used for graffiti, tags or acts of vandalism are constantly evolving, causing financial losses for businesses, administrations and public transport companies.

The attacks are more and more damaging and difficult to get rid of, as not only are they made on glass, but also on marble, plastic and metal…

Glass doors in busy areas are highly vulnerable to scratches

Graffigrad helps to avoid the expense of having to replace damaged glass due to erosion or scratches made by jewellery, keys or any other object that is able to damage an exposed, unprotected glass surface. The Graffitigard film’s job is to absorb the impact and damage caused by the aforementioned erosion and acts of vandalism, whilst always keeping the glass surface intact and protected.

Acts of vandalism... under control

The attackers often leave their permanent print by scratching into expensive stainless steel walls and doors, with keys and sharp objects. They splatter paint onto bus shelters, signs and notice boards… The problem is now out of control.

Protect any surface from graffiti

Solarcheck has the widest range of anti-scratching products to effectively protect multiple surfaces: glass, metal, synthetic or plastic. Smooth or rough, porous or non-porous materials.

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